Customer Reviews from Amazon

What a wonderful gift to myself

I first purchased this book three years ago and it has gotten me through some very emotionally challenging times. I was very skeptical at first, but found the procedure to work as described. The great results I have achieved have also held over time. I’ve only been doing this for three years, but I have found the effictiveness of this technique to be remarkable. It is easy to learn and implement. I can apply it practically anywhere at any time.

I am now purchasing my second copy for my kindle for easier and immediate access and because my book is showing a lot of character. I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to supplement their existing healing programs for faster and more efficient results.

I am now using this book to promote positive changes to my attitude, life and career, as opposed to just neutralizing negative emotions. I am only beginning my goals here, but expect similar fast and effective results that I experienced with my healing therapy.


It goes everywhere with me.

This is a fantastic book! The first chapters describe the science behind acupressure, how it was transformed into the protocols explained throughout the book, and how useful it can be. Some ideas, such as the Balanced Breathing, I included in my daily practice, others I use on an ‘as needed’ basis. This material helps me release emotions that are hindering my work and life. I have purchased four more copies to give away to friends and family and may buy a few more. The tapping protocols are easy to learn and effective – I notice a difference immediately after the 3-5 minute routines. It is all it takes, believe me!

Denise Russell

A book that’s true to its word….

I find so many “Self Help” books to miss their mark when sensationalizing how great they are, but this one is different. Dr. George Pratt knows a thing or two about healing emotions. I was stunned when the basic exercises actually worked. I actually noticed a difference in my mood after going through the steps. I’ve completed the suggested exercises many times according to the instructions, and have consistently found Dr. Pratt’s healing routines to be very beneficial. This manual is a must to help one rise above the pitfalls that life throws our way from time to time, and be able to deal with them in a rational manner.


Excellent technique for feeling better quickly

I’m a therapist who has used these techniques with traumatized clients to help take the charge out of their emotional responses to painful events. It looks like quackery, but it works.

Ellie in Massachusetts

Evokes Natural Healing Response Quickly & Effectively

I have many books — but this one is the most practical and the one I refer back to the most. Absolutely fascinating and effective. I do hypnosis and work in the trance state, but when the hypnosis is over I teach the techniques of this book to manage their lives on their own in a direct fashion.

I recommend it wholeheartedly to everyone. I cannot compare it to any other books on the subject, because I have not read any others. The organization and information of this book is … divine. I don’t imagine you will find better.

In closing, I may say that, as a whole, the teachings of this book are a perfect demonstration of the Will in motion.

A Friendly Voice

Glad to have this on my Kindle

I am glad to have this on Kindle now.I have had the book for a long time, When I tell others about it, I need it with me to demonstrate how it works. I always have my Kindle handy, so now, I can go through a protocols with someone, without trying to memorize anything. I have found this to be very easy to use and recommend it to anyone who who like to gain more self mastery over their emotions. The authors clearly explain each component of the process and what part of the brain is engaged in the work. It really works wonders.

Iama Guna

Don’t Be a Doubting Thomas

This book is absolutely amazing. After allowing yourself to swallow some pretty intense assumptions about energy and polarity (i.e. things you can’t see or touch), you’ll be able to rid your body and brain of anxiety, anger, fear, worry, and phobias (I can now look at a spider without a full blown anxiety attack). Just take the leap and you’ll do wonders for yourself. It’s easy to master the techniques (I devoted 3 hours one day to heal myself and it was worth every second). When I tell people about this book and what I did, they just look at me as if to say “oh…yeah…that’s nice…I believe you…you’re a nut job” but the bottom line is, it works, I believe in it and after living my life for 33 years full of panic, anxiety, the inability to travel without extreme sickness and fear – it’s all gone. Just do it.

Julia Arch

Excellent introductions to thought field therapy and emotional freedom technique

As a master and teacher in thought field therapy and emotional freedom technique I consider the book to be a fantastic introduction for the curious reader. The book is very thourough and that is the only thing which I dislike. It takes too long to get to the juice, on the other hand I believe the person reading and understanding the book will have a big chance to have success using the books advice. Even if I am very experienced I picked up a few new tricks. Lars Mygind, Denmark, […].

Lars Mygind